Kikü emerged when my son Fran was born in 2016. Like any mother, I began to worry about our children, and I wanted to find the best shoes for them. Then Leonor came to the world. Both help me every day to understand that each little person is unique, and that should also be reflected in their attire. I have always been enthusiastic about environmental awareness, and leaving a habitable and prosperous world to the youngest is another of my goals.

Previously, I had already obtained a great experience in the design and manufacture of children's shoes, thanks to our family business, MAÁ (Manuela, Amanda and Antonio); as well as Manuela De Juan (my mother's firm). 40 years of tradition guarantee us. This was how he dealt with prominent clients such as the Royal family of Belgium, Denmark or the Netherlands. Also celebrities such as Angelina Jolie, Jessica Alba, Sarah Jessica Parker, Halle Berry, Victoria Beckham or Heidi Klum, have trusted us.

With the Kikü brand, I wanted to bet on a more sustainable manufacturing (100% in the Valencian Community), adaptive and with designs that have my personal stamp. Recently, British royalty (the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge) Nuria Roca, the Lladró family and Carmen Alcayde have chosen

The heron, the native bird of Valencia that forms our logo, is becoming more and more well-known, and it is something that makes me proud, as it represents the union between two cultures that I am passionate about: the “terreta” and the Japanese. In fact, the idea of ​​incorporating cherries as a graphic element also comes from there, as well as the name of the firm: the word Kiku means "chrysanthemum" in the Japanese language, and it is a national symbol.

In addition, of course, in our entity we are proud of the thousands of customers who visit our physical stores in Valencia. There, the little ones come, play, draw things for us, run around trying on different models... That joy, enthusiasm and tenderness is unmatched. Not in vain, the expression "like a child with new shoes" illustrates very well what my day-to-day life is like in Kikü, as well as that of our magnificent saleswomen, who provide personalized attention for the feet not only of the little ones, but also of many  women who also trust our ecological, attractive and ultra-comfortable designs.

Our lasts are perfect to adapt to the age and foot of each girl and boy.

This, together with the technology of its sole and the completely natural and innocuous dyes and fibers that we use, make Kikü an exceptional shoe, according to some eminent children's podiatrists in our region.

Thanks for trusting us. I would love for you to try the shoes and really tell us what results they have given you, because we want healthy, happy children with determination to take care of our planet.

A kiss and greetings,