Ecological Venetian shoes with rubber and jute soles


Venetian-style shoe with pneumatic jute sole. 100% organic cotton, sewn entirely by hand. Artisan quality made in Valencia.

Our RIOLA venetian blinds are the latest in urban fashion for moms and come in spectacular colours. Entirely hand-sewn, we make them in a traditional way with 100% natural rubber and jute pneumatic flooring. By breaking the jute fibers, the sole becomes more and more flexible, fully adapting to your footprint. Hand-sewn and made of 100% organic cotton, they will not leave you indifferent and all this, moreover, protected by the quality of our brand. Like most of our footwear range, these venetian blinds are fully biodegradable and eco-sustainable. They are made by hand and sewn by hand in the Valencian Community with 100% organic materials. Our environmental commitment translates into footwear that respects the ecosystem that takes care of the feet of the smallest of the house and their mothers.

11-CINTA 133

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