Handmade Venetian with recycled fibers and embroidery


100% vegan Venetian blinds, made of organic cotton with pneumatic rubber flooring and natural jute. Handmade by hand in the Valencian Community with all our love and shoemaking tradition.

Our new ALTEA Venetian blinds are a trend!!!. If you want to be up to date, do not hesitate to ask for some. They are super comfortable and made with 100% vegan and eco-sustainable materials. They are made of ECO-Cotton organic cotton and have a pneumatic sole with a combination of natural rubber and intertwined jute fibers. This sole is a form of construction that combines craftsmanship and tradition, when you start walking with them you will hear the jute fibers break and that is when the Venetian begins to take the shape of your footprint to accompany you day by day with the maximum comfort possible. In addition to being a trend this season, they are available in super combinable colors. All this with KIKÜ confidence and a handmade product in Valencia.

10-CINTA 179

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