At Kikü we know the specific needs of each girl, boy or woman to maintain healthy, comfortable and safe feet, without allergies or injuries. All this, with materials that respect the environment, light, breathable, easy to clean and durable. In addition, we want to offer you some trendy, beautiful, varied designs, with different colors to choose from. All this, without giving up a fair and competitive price.

We also avoid toxic components, which many brands "sneak" into their products and hide through marketing. For us, honesty and naturalness are essential, as well as protecting the skin of our users, especially in the case of babies and children. We are also concerned about the well-being of all our workers, who have an important active voice in decision-making, thanks to their experience, professionalism and ingenuity.

Similarly, it is very important for our firm to improve local societies. For this reason, we design and manufacture each shoe in the Valencian Community (Spain), in an artisanal way, employing many people in a cutting-edge sector. In addition, our region is famous throughout the world for the high quality of shoemaking for generations.

Therefore, these values ​​are applied in the manufacture of our shoes, as well as in our day to day: